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About Our Team

Suzanne Turmel


Lynda Hufsmith

Administrative Assistant & Sales Associate

Marlene Rochelle

Director of Health & Wellness

Jamie Donlevy

Director of Life Enhancement

Amy Frank

Support Services Manager

Financial Controller

Financial Controller

Maureen Stroeder


Terry LePage

Spiritual Care & Mission Coordinator

Rob Christensen

Medical Transportation & Bus Driver

Claude Pinel

Building Maintenance Technician

Who is Emmanuel Care?

“Emmanuel Care is committed to the healing and caring ministry of Jesus Christ. Under the ownership / sponsorship of the Bishops of Saskatchewan, the Ministry supports Catholic health institutions across the province by providing Catholic Leadership, the Mission of Healing and Caring along with Education and Formation Programs.”

- Claude Lang

Former Chair of Emmanuel Care

“Trinity Manor, like all Emmanuel Care facilities, will be welcoming and open to all. It will emphasize peace of mind where safety and security are the foundations of carefree retirement, and an active lifestyle that allows seniors to live life their way among friends and supportive neighbours.”

- Scott Irwin

President and CEO of Emmanuel Care

Trinity Manor Mission

Trinity Manor at Stonebridge is a private residential retirement community sponsored by Emmanuel Care of Saskatchewan.

As a faith-based community, our mission is to provide high quality, supportive living accommodations for older adults. We are committed to helping individuals enrich their life experience by promoting individual growth and dignity, respecting their privacy and independence, and providing lifestyle and housing choices that meet their human and spiritual needs

How can we help?

We’d be happy to answer your questions or show you around our friendly community.

Trinity Manor Values


Respecting the rights, dignity, privacy, and individuality of all.


Showing kindness, caring, and empathy in all interactions.

Holistic Approach

Providing an environment of health, emotional, social, and spiritual support.


Acting honestly, honouring commitments, agreements, and words.

Quality Improvement

Striving for excellence in accommodation, supportive services, and care through innovation and intention.


“Trinity Manor has everything I need. I could sell my car because I don’t need it”

“If I was still living in my home, I would be so isolated now. But, living at Trinity Manor; I have friends all around me.”

“This is a Catholic community, and we welcome people from all faith traditions. We are safe, and have our community here.”

“Trinity Manor’s best kept secret is the view.”

“I’m so grateful to have mass in the chapel (we know we have a chair), I don’t have to wear my boots and I don’t need to start my car.”

“I toured many different places, all equally beautiful, with great care. Trinity Manor was the only one that took care not only of my physical needs, but my spiritual needs as well.”

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